Oremus Genesis chapter 1


Today’s reading was the first chapter in the book of Genesis. I read the chapter as suggested and saw words and phrases that I had not recognized before. I didn’t spend much time with the passage, as something from the Magnificat struck me earlier. I am afraid that I am failing in what we are supposed to be doing, as I haven’t written that much lately as required. We are meant to read, meditate and keep a prayer journal of our thoughts and the responses we “hear” from God. I haven’t even been spending that much time meditating much less keeping a journal. I don’t know why.

This morning when I came upstairs to “get Mr. Bird up”, I found him dead. He has been ill a long time, his feathers didn’t come in right, he couldn’t fly up to his perches anymore and he didn’t talk much, but this morning his water dish was empty. I pray that I didn’t kill him through carelessness. I have been the one taking care of Mr. Bird, though he was Larry’s friend first. Larry didn’t do a really good job of caring for him. It was me who fed him, gave him water, made special food for him. But perhaps I failed him at the last. At least now Mr. Bird is flying free in heaven.