Oremus Dt:7:6-8

deuteronomy 7

The reading today was from Deuteronomy, Chapter 7 verses 6-8. In this reading God is reminding the people that He has chosen them, not because of anything special about them, but because He loves them.

Before doing this particular reading, I went through the Magnificat prayer for today. The opening hymn was so beautiful and I connected with it, that I began to cry.

Well I know your trouble,

O my servant true;

You are very weary –

I was weary too.

But that toil shall make you

Some day all my own

And the end of sorrow

Shall be near my throne.

Sometimes I am so weary, weary of what is happening in the world, weary of being without my sisters, weary of all the problems – though in my life, my problems seem minimal. How can I be weary?