Oremus Psalm 23

I missed writing a reflection on Psalm 27 which was the 2nd reflection for the week.

Psalm 23 The Lord is my Shepherd

restful waters

Words which “jumped out at me” – He leads me beside still waters – such a beautiful image – in a green pasture with a softly flowing stream, everything is at peace. Sometimes I feel that way. The Psalm goes on to say “he restores my soul”. I wondered if at night when I am resting, if the Lord is restoring my soul, giving me strength to live another day, to do the work He is calling me to do.

And “He leads me in right paths for His name sake”. When I follow the path He has set before me, I honor Him. Is that not what I have been called to do – to praise and honor the Lord? It is what I am striving to do.