Oremus Mark:10:46-52

blind Bartimaeus

The reflection yesterday was from Mark, Chapter 10:46-52 – the Healing of the Blind Bartimaeus.  I could totally immerse myself in this reading. I saw a broken man, Bartimaeus, sitting by the wayside when Jesus comes by. Even though the crowds tell him to be quiet, perhaps some doing more than just talking, Baritmaeus persists in “his prayer” for assistance. Jesus hears the voice of Bartimaeus and calls him to Himself. Bartimeous discards all that would hold him back from reaching Jesus – his cloak in the story – and approaches the Lord. When Bartimaeus voices his need – to regain his sight – Jesus listens, remarks on Bartimaeus faith and grants his desire. After having his sins removed and his body healed, Bartimaeus follows the Lord.

This touched my heart because in a small way, I have found myself doing the same. Little by little discarding the habits of the past, all those things that hold me back from God. It has taken a long time and I am still on the journey. Do I continue in my prayer? Do I keep asking the Lord for healing?