Oremus Psalm 63 again

psalm 63

The reading today was Psalm 63 which I love and have read and studied before. Still its words speak to my heart, as I do seek the Lord, my soul thirsts for Him.

The strongest thought during my prayer: That this is what I am doing or trying to do in Adoration – looking to the Lord in the Consecrated Host, thinking about how God has given us such a great Gift. That He is with us in this simple form – what a wonder the Lord is, that He could make Himself so small and wish to be food for our bodies and souls.

My heart rested when: when I just began to read this psalm, not only because I knew it, but because it says what is the “work” of man, to find God, to be in relationship to Him.

I sense the Lord was telling me: “you have been my help”. Having the benefit of many years of life, seeing the pattern that has emerged, remembering all the twists and turns of the road I have traveled, I can truly say “yes, you have been my help. I wouldn’t have made it this far without “your right hand upholding me.” And still I wonder what God sees in me. How can I become the person He has created me to be.

I ended the prayer wanting: to just rest in the Lord’s presence, for I knew that I am loved and that God is with me throughout my days.