Hymn – Before Thy Throne I Kneel

I have changed this a bit – from the plural to me

Before thy throne, O God, I kneel:

Give me a conscience quick to feel,

A ready mind to understand

The meaning of thy chast’ning hand;

What e’er the pain and shame may be,

Bring me, O Father, nearer thee.

Search out my heart and make me true’

Help me to give to all their due.

From love of pleasure, lust of gold,

From sins which make the heart grow cold,

Wean me and train me with they rod;

Teach me to know my faults, O God.

From sins of heedless word and deed,

For pride ambitious to succeed,

For crafty trade and subtle snare

To catch the simple unaware,

For lives bereft of purpose high,

Forgive, forgive, O Lord, I cry.