Gospel of Mark, Chapter 4: 35-41

Mark, Chapter 4Jesus wishes to go to the Gentile area across the sea from where He has been preaching. The verse says “and leaving the crowd behind, they took Him with them in the boat just as He was.” What does that phrase mean: Just as He was? I imagine Jesus was fatigued. He has been teaching the people and healing all who came to Him. Probably He had been up since before dawn, as it was His habit to go out alone to pray before anyone else was awake. The phrase is curious. Jesus allows Himself to be led away, leaving the crowd behind. The text also says “other boats are with with” – not just Peter’s. What happens to those other boats when the winds pick up  and the waves toss the boats about?

All that I could think about was that going to the area where Gentiles predominated would require a faithful Jew to carry his own food as the Gentiles food might have been considered unclean. One might also need a traveling bag, extra sandals or other necessities as those wouldn’t be purchased from the Gentile lest one become unclean.

The other boats aren’t with them as the storm intensifies, much like those who fall away from Christ when the storms of life batter our lives. Only those in the boat with Jesus stay with Him.

Also today I read Matt 9:1-8. Jesus heals the paralytic. Jesus says to the man: “my son, your sins are forgiven.” With what tenderness Jesus speaks to the sick man! How often has anyone spoken to him in this way? Did anyone ever speak with him? He would have been considered a sinner since he was paralyzed and therefore unclean and outside society. Did the sound of Jesus’ voice raise the man’s hopes knowing that his soul was clean? Do I feel this way after Confession when God says to me that I am absolved of my sins?