I will praise you Lord, for You have rescued me.

Mary at prayer

That was the Psalm response from yesterday’s Mass. The words swirl around in my head, the tune replaying over and over. And it is so true. The Lord has rescued me.

I had not talked about this here – my experience in Adoration a few weeks ago. After talking with my spiritual advisor, she confirmed it was a gift. It was a most unusual experience. I had put away my Bible and notepad and was just sitting, speaking with the Lord. My mind grew quiet – which is so unusual – and I just sat there. It was if I were in a bubble of some kind, almost like a little static around me. I didn’t think of anything. I heard when the lady who has the next hour came in, sign in and seat herself. I heard the church bells announce 2pm, my time to leave. I kept sitting. And I continued to sit for perhaps another 5 to 6 minutes just because I was so at peace. I didn’t want to leave, but finally I knew that I must.

My advisor said that was “contemplation” though I don’t remember what I was thinking or how I got there. Maybe I am not meant to know – God led me and put me there. I am so grateful.

I have signed up for “Oremus”, an eight week class on prayer. It starts on July 9th and runs for 8 weeks on Thursday evening. Maggie is taking the class too. I am looking forward to enriching my prayer life, if it can be talked about in that way. I want my prayer life to be fruitful.