Gospel of Mark – continued

Mark 1:25 In the early morning, Jesus rose and went to a deserted place to pray. Jesus told us to do the same – to pray to our Father in secret.

Since Jesus left the house without telling anyone, Simon and the others began to look for Him. Simon told Him “Everyone is searching for You.” I wonder if the crowds had appeared once more at Simon’s house. I wonder if the crowds appeared once more at Simon’s house. Instead of returning to Capernaum, Jesus suggests that they visit the surrounding towns to proclaim the good news – already Jesus speaks of His mission, of what He has been sent to do. He visited local synagogues and cast out demons. Visiting synagogues was important. Jesus was a faithful and practicing Jew; the synagogues were places where people congregated to worship.

Jesus cleanses a leper – the leper begged to be healed, kneeling before Christ – a reflection on Jesus’ status – and the leper believed that if Jesus wanted to, He could heal him. Because the leper spread the word about his healing, contrary to what Christ had told him – Jesus didn’t go into towns anymore, but staying in the countryside. People went to Him.

We still go to Him in our hearts, but He is with us.