Hymn – Human Worth

No weight of gold or silver

Can measure human worth;

No soul secures its ransom

With all the wealth of earth;

No sinners find their freedom

But by the gift unpriced,

The Lamb of God unblemished,

The precious blood of Christ.

In Christ the past is over,

A new world now begins,

With him we rise to freedom

Who saves us from our sins.

We live by faith in Jesus

To make his glory known:

Behold, the Man of sorrows,

The Lamb upon his Throne!

Lamb of God

Also on Tuesday the reading in the Magnificat was from Wisdom 3:1-6 which begins with “the souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them“. I could not help but think of my family – just people – who now live with Christ.