Jill’s saga and other things this Easter week

This morning Jill was scheduled to be at a nursing home for 10 days of IV antibiotics. I had planned to visit her today, but was asked by her friend John to wait until next week. Why has there been all this delay in visiting her – bad weather, illness, hospitalizations, nursing home plans – it all seems so strange that I have been refrained from visiting. Maybe next week. At least she will receive the antibiotics, though I wonder sometimes if she really needs an “injection” of good bacteria into her gut to crowd out the bad ones. Maybe double doses of probiotics instead of all this medicine. Monday April 7, 2015 The nursing home didn’t work out. John brought Jill home after one day, as there was no registered nurse to administer the antibiotics through the port in Jill’s arm. What is to be done now? Received a phone call from Cathy Jenkins yesterday. Her dad, Tugar aka Hugh Jenkins has lung cancer. Tugar is 86 years old. He has opted to forego treatment. At his age the treatment would be only palliative. I tried to call Keith yesterday, but he must have been visiting one of his sons for Easter. This will be difficult for Keith as Tugar helped Keith quite a bit when Christine passed. I did leave a message on Keith’s phone stating that Tugar was ill. I will try again today. Pretty soon it seems that I will be the only one left of mom and dad’s family. I remember when all of mom’s sisters and brothers had died, how dad said that he was taking special care of mom. And he did. I had another episode of rapid heart rate after a dream last night – two hours after I went to sleep. I dreamed that Jeannie wanted to borrow money to buy something and I kept telling her that she wanted to borrow money for something else earlier. The situation was unresolved. Erin told me yesterday afternoon, after we had eaten dinner, that she doesn’t want Shamma to go to Mass more than once a week so he won’t be “burned out” as she was as a child. Erin never went to Church more than once a week, so I don’t know what she is speaking about. I would like to discuss this more, but it probably isn’t the time. Also I did tell her that if she expects Shamma to be baptized, she will have to promise to train him in the faith and that Missy probably can’t be a godparent. I don’t know what she thought of that. Cardiologist appointment this morning.

Tuesday April 7

I am planning on seeing Jill this morning. We will see if this truly happens.