The philosophers bench

There is a new program this week on EWTN called The Philosopher’s Bench. Two philosophers – Peter Kreeft and Tom Howard are talking. Yesterday they spoke of C.S. Lewis and Tolkein and how their works transcend reality and point to the Infinite. At one point in the conversation, one of the two said “Evil tries to destroy the bonds which God makes.” I couldn’t help but think about my family’s experience with the murderess. She tried to destroy the bonds of love between mom and dad and between my sisters and me. She succeeded somewhat between the sisters, although she could never separate Christine and me. This woman had let evil take hold of her and worked to destroy the family love which was so strong. It took a long time after dad’s death before the bonds that God made began to be formed again.

Now that Jean and Christine are gone, does that mean that God holds those ties together between us?

On a side note: I have tried to be a sister to Jill, as I am the only one she has left. She is difficult to communicate with. Maybe it is that she doesn’t know how. I ask about her health and try to comfort her. When I tell her that I have been ill, there is no such conversation on her end toward me. Her lack of conversation or seeming concern about me makes it hard to continue to communicate with her.