At the hospital with Mary

Blessed MotherSunday night I went to the emergency room as I was having chest pains. I had taken a halcyon, which Dr. Stabel had given me before eyelid surgery a couple of years ago, to relax a bit before we left. When I arrived at the hospital I was given a blood test and eventually put in a room until the next day when I would have a stress test. It was a difficult time as I was scared and concerned that the stress test would indicate blockage in my arteries. Then what would I do, knowing what happened to Christine? I prayed the rosary. as I have been for a while. I had taken a small rosary with me and often held it in my hand as it gave me comfort. When I was taken for the stress test, I was really frightened. The first part of the test is a series of pictures. That test lasts seven minutes. As I lay there under the machine, I prayed the “hail Mary”. I had the sense of Mary standing in front of me while someone was behind me, at my head, rubbing my hair and trying to comfort me. The next part of the test a substance is injected into the blood stream that elevates the heart rate. This part lasts just a minute, but it was a very long minute. Again I was frightened but I had the same sense that Mary was there and someone was stroking my head. I was taken to my room and given something to eat and then taken back for more pictures. Again the seven minute test which again un-nerved me. Again I had the feeling or sense that Mary stood in front of me while someone stroked my head. The test came out okay with no blockage found, although no reason for the fast heartbeat was given. While I was in the hospital a monitor had been attached to measure my pulse. According the the physician my pulse was stable and did not fluctuate. I still don’t know what is happening, although I went to Dr. Boyd yesterday who gave me a tranquilizer – Elavil. I also have a monitor on for 24 hours. I will take the tranquilizer tonight and see what happens. The experience has given me a sense that my family is still with me, watching over me and loving me. And our Blessed Mother is with me too whenever I need her.