Thinking this morning

Nativity of our LordAs I lie in bed this morning, wishing that I had not woken up so early, I began to think about my spiritual journey and how long and difficult it has been. For so many years I took God for granted, praying only when I had a need, as though it were His job to keep my satisfied. In the last few years those ideas have changed. I try daily to praise God for all He has done for me and all of us. I wonder at the beauty and majesty that is in our material world. I am amazed at the thought and planning that has gone into the creation and sustaining of all that exists. I am in awe that a God of such power and intention could love us and especially me. He must be so patient, for like a child who is learning to walk, His hand has been on mine throughout my life, leading me to the place where I am now. In the fullness of time, after leading His chosen people for centuries, He even sent Jesus to show us the way back to Him. How can I adequately give thanks to this Loving God? How can I praise Him as He should be praised?