Hymn – My soul longs for Christ

AS the deer longs for running springs

  • As longs the deer for running springs,
  • So longs my soul for Christ, the Well:
  • From him, the living waters flow
  • Through wastes where withered spirits dwell.
  • Through deserts parched by years of drought
  • I wander, searching for the spring,
  • Whose waters green the thirsting soul
  • And make the speechless tongue to sing.
  • Though doubters taunt and questions mock,
  • My journey I will not forsake
  • Until at last I find the One
  • Whose love alone my thirst can slake.
  • Then will I dwell forevermore
  • Where crystal rivers run like fire
  • From Christ whose presence fills my heart
  • And satisfies my life’s desire.