A Little Miracle

tree frogI don’t know if what happened was a miracle, but I intend to think of it as such. After the rain the day before yesterday, I went out to the pool to “fish out” any toads or tree frogs who might have gotten into the pool. There were a couple of big toads in the skimmer, neither of which were happy that I insisted that they find somewhere else to swim. Then I noticed a small tree frog splayed out upside down on the bottom of the shallow end. So I got the leaf net and waded into the water to extricate him from the pool. I carefully laid the tree frog on the decking, turning him over to see if there were any signs of life. I didn’t see any – not that I would know what to look for, but he wasn’t moving. I said a little prayer to God, knowing that God, who creates all things and loves all His creation, could return life to this little tree frog. I went indoors to do some other work and returned outside a couple of hours later. The tree frog was sitting up, looking around with those huge eyes which seem to cover most of his face. I called Larry, who lifted the tree frog into an oak tree, so that the little frog could continue the work he was sent to do. Thanks be to God for giving life to this little creature.