Some thoughts on Baptism

From a book in the Adoration Chapel – “Bread Broken and Shared” by Father Paul Bernier

“We will inherit heaven the same way Jesus did as the reward of a life lived totally for others. Resurrection was the crown of His sufferings and death”

“Baptism is the initiation into the mystery of the Eucharist.”

“If life (or baptism) has no purpose beyond “saving our souls”, we will not have the courage to follow Jesus all the way to the cross.”

“The Eucharist gives us the strength to follow Jesus to the cross.”

Another thing that Fr. Bernier said was that when Peter tried to convince Jesus that His way was not through death, Jesus said to Peter,” Get behind me, Satan.” Jesus understood that not living out the life His Father had ordained for Him was a temptation. But also, Fr. Bernier said the quotation was a suggestion to Peter to “Follow Me.”