More thoughts on the Gospel of John

Jesus and NicodemusJesus tells Nicodemus: “no one can see the kingdom of God without being born from above.” The word “see” is interesting. Does it mean that without baptism, one cannot totally know that Jesus is Lord, one can only guess. Baptism perhaps confers eyes to the soul that will see who Jesus is.

“As Pope Benedict pointed out in “Jesus of Nazareth”, “The kingdom of God comes by way of a listening heart.” That’s the most important thing we can pray for, a heart open to the word of God. When our hearts listen and we hear the voice of the Good Shepherd, then God can begin to conform us to his likeness and will.” – Cardinal Charles Chaput

When Jesus says “we speak of what we know” could He be referring to the Trinity? or His band of disciples?

At some time during the night, Nicodemus left and presumably went home. The next day Jesus begins baptizing, still in Judah – this was similar to John’s baptism, since Jesus had not been glorified yet, therefore the Spirit could not come. Some of John’s disciples question why Jesus is also baptizing. John tells them that Jesus is the bridegroom, a symbol we first see in Hosea, I think. The bridegroom is the Messiah. John himself is only a friend of the bridegroom., but he rejoices that he has heard the voice of Jesus and seems to know or suspect that his job is nearly done. (The Jerusalem Bible has a more readable text here in this chapter.) John says that Jesus speaks about heavenly things, because He knows them and yet people do not accept what Jesus says. John says that Jesus speaks the words of God, for He has the Spirit of God without measure.