Update on a previous post – God works in secret

EuphorbiaSome time ago I wrote a post about a succulent on my front porch which bloomed. After the flowers had faded and dropped off, little plants formed on the stem. I decided to plant the stem. Eventually the stem rooted and I had several little plants. The plants have grown and as shown above, had to be re-potted. As is obvious from the photo, the plant is beautiful. Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me the joy of watching this plant and participating in Your work.

Another year has past and the little plant which God caused to grow from a discarded stem is even bigger than last year. What a glorious plant that has become! Perhaps it is like a soul which seeks to knew and follow the Lord. While the person isn’t looking, in the secret and silent places of our soul, God is working very hard to make The little plant that grewthe soul beautiful for Him. I hope that like the little plant, my soul is growing and becoming all that the Lord envisioned it would be when He created it.