A difficult couple of days

On Thursday morning when I arose, went into the laundry room to feed Lillie, I found standing water on the floor. Since the lights would not work, I found a flashlight to find out what happened. I thought the freezer had failed. But on further examination, I noticed that the ceiling was wet as well. I went upstairs to alert Larry. He had gotten up the night before and when he realized that a little cut had bled and soiled his sheet, he tried to help me by soaking the sheet in the sink. However, he forgot to turn off the water and fell back to sleep. Later that same night he awoke again and realized that the sink had overflowed. He wiped up the water, thinking that the water was confined to the floor.

The water had flowed into the cabinet below the sink where there were cardboard containers with bottles of shampoo and other necessities. The towels and rugs were soaked. Then the water flowed around the grout, through the baseboard onto the rug in his bedroom. Then it flowed downstairs into the laundry room where the rugs were soaked, the boxes holding rags and other things were soaked, the rug under the freezer was wet and the cabinets which hold his record collection were also wet on the bottom.

We had to remove the record cabinets, wipe out the closets both in the laundry and bathroom. We had to unload the freezer during which time we de-frosted it. We found some rugs to put under everything since those rugs had soaked up some water and had kept damage to a minimum. I don’t know if water flowed into the garage as there is a workbench and tools there. By the time we were finished cleaning up the floor and replacing most of everything, I was exhausted. Larry’s records are still in the entrance hall, as he thankfully wants to do that himself. The family room which I had cleaned the day before now needs the floor washed. It has been a difficult couple of days.

I was surprised when he apprised me of what had happened that I didn’t throw a fit or say something unpleasant. I wanted to. I knew that if I had done something like that there would be unpleasant words from him. It is an indication, I guess, of how much I have changed.