Yesterday my sister Christine suffered a heart attack. Today she underwent quadruple bypass surgery. I have been so scared. So far she is doing okay. She survived the surgery. As of now she may be waking. Christine called me last night, about 3AM, crying because she was so scared. I didn’t know how to comfort her. I should have prayed with her, but I didn’t think of it until she had hung up. I wrote to everyone of my small group of facilitators asking for their prayers. What an amazing and loving group of friends I have here at St. Helen’s. God has been so good to me. I will continue to pray for Christine’s full recovery. Life has been so very difficult for my sister. Just over a year ago, she broken her hip when she fell. Then this past year the business she was working for closed and she lost her job. She has been unable to find another. Then she had prolapse surgery. That surgery may have finally pushed her over the edge as far as her back injury from childhood was concerned. A month ago she underwent extensive back surgery. And then this. How much can a person endure?