Reconciliation and Eucharist – RCIA class


1. Can you remember an experience of sin and forgiveness in your life?

2. How would you define sin? An action which separates me from God and from others, an action that hurts others and myself.

3. How did  Jesus minister to sinners in these gospel passages?

Mark 2:1-12 Jesus heals the paralytic first by forgiving his sin and then healing his lameness.

Luke 7:36-50 He told a parable about a creditor to those who were accusing the woman. Then He forgave her sins.

Luke 19:1-10 story of Zacchaeus. Jesus is invited to his home. Zacchaeus changes his life because he is forgiven and accepted.

John 8:1-11 the woman caught in adultery. Jesus asks her accusers to throw the first stone if they are without sin. When they do not, He forgives the woman.

4. Name one specific way that you can answer the call to be a reconciler. I did this with Jean. Asked for her forgiveness and then told her I wouldn’t fight any more.

5. How have you learned about a need for conversion from your family or friends? I don’t understand what the question is asking for.


Eucharist –

1. Have you ever gotten into trouble for doing the right thing? Yes, or what I thought was the right thing. There were disastrous consequences.

2.With whom have you associated that has caused people to talk? I don’t know

3. For some non-Catholics belief in the Eucharist is what leads them to the Catholic Church. For other non-Catholics, the Eucharist is a real stumbling block. How do you feel at this point? I love the Eucharist. This is why I came back to the Church instead of going elsewhere.

4. When did someone who loved you give up something special for you? The pool

5. Is there someone you would refuse to eat with or keep company with? How can you act like Jesus toward this person? No