RCIA – Baptism and Confirmation (continued)


1.If you could start a new life, what would it be like? I would be more faithful to God. I would be more loving and giving to others. I would open myself more to children.

2. Have you ever had to take a plunge into something risky? Going to Bible study the first time. I didn’t know anyone. Every week I would tell myself that I don’t have to stay. but every week I would come back. Eventually I was asked to be a facilitator. Then I had to give lectures – scary.

3. Name one part of your life that would change if you died to sin and lived for God. I wouldn’t be so judgmental.

4. As a child and heir of God, what riches do you inherit? God’s mercy and love, knowledge and relationship with God, eternity with Him. Everything!

5. What responsibilities? Living now as He has commanded me to live.

6. Can you think of other ways that water was part of God’s plan, either in the Bible or in your own life? My allergy to some components of drinking water made me more cognizant of its being a treasure and so necessary for life.

7. What would a new life “in Christ” be for you? A deepening relationship with God, a sense of belonging to Him and the Church, a sense of security and peace.


1. How do you feel about talking to people about your faith? I am not too worried, even though I know that I am not well educated in the faith. The important thing is to say what God has done for me. Then let the Holy Spirit do His work.

A paragraph from the reading: The difference between receiving the Holy Spirit in Baptism and receiving Him in Confirmation. “The difference is hinted at by Saint Augustine when he explains that in baptism we are mixed with water so that we might take on the form of bread, the body of Christ. But bread, he points out, then needs to be baked in the fire; and this fire is supplied by the chrism which is the sacrament of the Holy Spirit, who was revealed in tongues of fire.”

2. What “childish ways” do you have to put away to grow as a Christian?  Stop worrying so much and stop trying to control everything.

3. What gift do you have that would help others? I think that I am friendly and not ashamed or afraid of sharing my faith.

4. What fear keeps you from using this gift? Disapproval maybe.

5. What name for Confirmation. I chose Felicia. It is the name of an early Christian martyr and means “peaceful”.

6. How does the Holy Spirit help me to witness? Name the gifts of the Spirit and name a person you believe shows this gift.

a. Wisdom – Fr. Becker

b. Understanding – Karen

c. Counsel – Judy Puetz, Karen

d. Knowledge – Dick Phillips, Benedict XVI

e. Fear of the Lord- Me sort of for I have seen the Lord’s awesomeness

f.  Strength –  Men in general, my dad