Christine’s Surgery and Other News

Christine had major back surgery yesterday. She called me last night about 10pm and told me she is okay. I have been praying for her and had a lot of other folks praying for her as well. Thank you Heavenly Father for hearing and answering our prayers.

We had multiple inches of rain last night. The power was out for over an hour. Thank you PEC for bringing the power back. The pool is overfilled due to the rain. I hope that hasn’t damaged it.

Larry found his cellphone, which has been missing for months, during the power outage. He was searching for his tablet to read from during the outage and as his hand went down between the mattress and the bed frame, he felt his phone. Thank you Heavenly Father and St. Anthony.

I struggled to get to sleep last night, even praying a rosary before I finally fell asleep after taking an ibuprofen. I awoke around 4am. It was still raining. I never did get back to sleep.

The noon Mass, our Lady of Fatima, is being offered on my account. May God bless those ladies who provided this for me.