Peter heals the lame man

Peter and John heal the lame manLast night we attended a newcomer dinner at St. Helen Church. Fr. Becker sat next to me, so I asked him about the Gospel reading where Peter and John go to the Temple and encounter a beggar who is lame. They have no money to give to the man, but Peter heals the man of his lameness. I asked Father how Peter knew that the Lord would work through him to heal the man. Father said that people who have the gift of healing know when the Lord is pointing at someone to be healed through them. That is interesting – the Holy Spirit must point  out the person to the healer. I know that Father Becker is a Charismatic and he often teaches the Life in the Spirit seminars. I tried going to one a couple of years ago but felt uncomfortable. He is teaching another one in a couple of weeks. When I talked with Judy about it, she tried to steer me away from the classes. She said that Fr. Becker’s spirituality is problematic for her. What does that mean? She insisted that since she is my spiritual advisor, that I listen to her warnings. I have done so.