Peter jumps out of the boat

Jesus on the shoreI have loved the reading from John chapter 21, verses 1 – 14. I was thinking about it yesterday when I attended the noon Mass.

After His Resurrection, Jesus appears to the disciples (5 of them) who have gone fishing. He instructs them from the shore to lower their nets on the side of the boat, and there is a tremendous catch of fish. Many have spoken of this part – the catch of fish – as being indicative of the Church. When the Church follows our Savior’s words, the Church grows and “catches more fish”.

I love the image of Peter, when he realizes Jesus is on the shore – he jumps into the water to swim to Him, leaving the others to bring in the boat. I had never thought before how that showed how much Peter loved Jesus. And it reminded me of something I had read about St. Therese – that once she found God, she ran to Him and never stopped running until she died.

How do I do the same? I had read yesterday when I was reading about St. Ignatius, one of the Fathers of the Church, that we show our love for God by obeying His commandments.

Lord, help me to obey because I want to love You more and more.