Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Virgin MotherAll this week, Holy Week, I have been thinking of Mary, of what she experienced. And I have been thinking that some of my own life may be similar, not in some great way but just in a little way. When Mary said “yes” to the angel Gabriel, she didn’t know all that would be expected of her, of all that she would suffer because of that “yes”. So much like our own lives. We say “yes” to marriage, to a child, to our faith, to love and we have no idea what all those commitments will bring. We say “yes” out of love or need or desire or because we think it necessary or appropriate, and then as we live our lives, we come to recognize what that “yes” entails. Sometimes that “yes”, as for Mary, brings great joy. Sometimes that “yes” brings great heartache. But always that  “yes” means that we follow a path, not knowing where that “yes” will bring us. What did Mary think as she experienced the great sadness of Holy Week? Was her soul so connected to God that she could quietly accept all things, even the torture and death of her Son? Did she ask “why?” must this be? Did she just bow her head and thank God for the goodness her life held and hope that the future would be good as well? Or did the terror of Jesus Passion tear her apart? I think somehow Mary knew that all would be well. Whether Jesus taught her this or she recognized that truth from her studies of Scripture or  her intimate connection with God gave her that certainty – the Bible gives us no answer. We are left to ponder, as Mary did.