Marie Rose Pusateri – rest in peace

Aunt Mary in her 80’s in Pittsburgh

Saturday, March 29th, 2014 my aunt Mary passed from this life to an eternal life that we can only dream about. She will be missed greatly by family and friends.

I will miss the opportunity of writing to Aunt Mary and occasionally speaking with her. Aunt Mary was 96 years old and had a difficult life – losing both her parents when she was a child and losing her husband and both children long ago. What a gentle soul she was!

Aunt Mary was the wife of my dad’s brother, Tony, and had two children – Prudy and Frank. At the young age of ten, both of Mary’s parents had died, so in order to keep the family which remained together, all the children went to work. Aunt Mary was the youngest. She worked as a mother’s helper making 25 cents a week. She later worked for Heinz company in Pittsburgh where she helped pack pickles in a jar. I don’t know how Mary met her future husband. Her son Frank died at age 39 in the early 1970’s and Mary’s daughter Prudy died at age 69 just a few years before Mary died. Mary’s husband Tony died more than 10 years before Mary after a very long illness. Throughout it all Mary depended on our Blessed Mother and from the Blessed Mother, my aunt Mary found her strength.