Thought upon awakening

Christ_in_GethsemaneStay here and watch with me an hour

I was thinking this as I awoke this morning. I know that the line is from the Gospel – Matthew 26:36, where Jesus asks Peter, James and John to stay awake with Him that last fateful night. Jesus went off a little way to pray. The three apostles fell asleep. I think of this line sometimes when I am in the Adoration Chapel. That is what we are doing – staying with Jesus for just that hour.

But this morning I thought the line might be an answer to my difficulty with creating a Messianic Psalm. I was hoping to use that line as a starting point, a way of focusing my attention on the task. The Psalms I have written for the WCSS assignment are unacceptable, trite. I think about the task quite often, but have gotten nowhere.

It should be possible to use this as a starting point, as a copy of the image “the Agony in the Garden” hangs in my bedroom. I look at it each night before I go to sleep, just as my mother did, for it hung in her bedroom for as long as I can remember. I have thought about the scene in the past, especially when I am praying the Rosary.

That fateful night praying in the Garden began the Agony of the Lord and the Salvation of the rest of us. The commitment of Jesus was total. After His time with the Father in prayer, Jesus began the journey to the Cross, never losing sight of His mission or His love for us. The events of that day still amaze me – that Jesus could suffer as He did and still love us, that He didn’t at any point say “they aren’t worth it.” He loved us to the end. Such love is beyond my understanding.

  • “Stay here and watch with me an hour.
  • For I feel so alone, so fearful of what is to come.”
  • But even then we failed Him,
  • Our Redeemer, the God who loves us.
  • He gave everything to save us.
  • He continues to call us back to Him.
  • He never gives up on us.
  • We are not worthy of so great a love.
  • May your praise be always on my lips,
  • Your joy in my heart, and
  • Your love in my soul forever.