Christ Dwelling Within

homebound ministry

One Sunday a month I take Communion to nursing home residents and those who can no longer join us for the celebration of the Mass. Sometimes I will provide the nursing home residents with a Communion service in which several to many folks participate together. Other times I must take the Eucharist to the individual rooms where the residents reside. I have learned much during the three years that I have participated in this ministry.

I have learned that it doesn’t matter that I cannot sing on key. God loves our voices, especially when we sing together. And any embarrassment I might have in not being able to sing correctly is deflected by the fact that many of the elderly whom I serve have a loss of hearing – something which I am beginning to have myself.

I have recognized that even when I am not feeling up to being joyful, somehow when I approach the elderly, I am joyful. I seem willing to spend time with each individual, event though I might be tired or wanting to return home. Sometimes at the end of my day of ministering, I recognize that I am tired and wanting to go home and feel sad that I want to hurry.

homebound ministry2

I have come to understand that it is Christ within me who is ministering to these folks through me. It was brought more fully to mind last evening when I watched a video of some Little Sisters of the Poor, who serve the poor and sick elderly. There was joy on each of the Sisters’ faces. They spoke of seeing Christ in the folks they served and knew that it was Christ in themselves who was serving the elderly.

I am grateful for the opportunity God has given me to serve these of His children. May God continue to bless us all.