Christmas Eve Thoughts

I read somewhere recently that Jesus cried two times in His life – although as a child he would have cried when he was hungry or had fallen or needed His mother’s attention. One of those times Jesus cried was when He was born and the other time Jesus cried was when He died.

Baby JesusI remember well the cry of a newborn. How plaintive and weak it is! How in need of attention and care! The memory of that sound brings to mind the awesome gift we have been given. The Lord of the Universe, the Creator of all that is and will ever be, took a body like ours and became one of us. He gave Himself away. To be so small and helpless, when in reality, He has all power at His disposal – how do I get my mind around that? How can I ever appreciate what the Lord has done?

“Christ rested in Mary – still, silent, helpless, utterly dependent. The Creator trusted himself to his creature . . . His hands were folded; her hands did the work of his hands. His life was her life; his heartbeat was the beating of her heart. This was a foreshadowing of what the Incarnation would mean for us; for in us, too, Christ rests as he rested in Mary. From the moment when the Christ-life is conceived in us, our life is intended for one thing, the expression of his love, his love for God and for the world. Our words are to be the words he wants us to speak; we must go to wherever he wants to go, we must see and look at whatever he wants to see and look at; the work that our hands do must be the work that his hands want to do; our life must be the living of his life, our loves, the loving of his heart.” – Caryll Houselander