Saint Joseph

St. JosephThese words from the December 18th introduction to the Mass readings in the Magnificat: “The “righteous shoot to David” that the Lord raises up in Christ comes to fruition because of the righteousness of the son of David, Joseph, who chooses to obey the promptings of an angel instead of his own ideas. Such conviction before what would otherwise seem preposterous is possible because of the living Presence in Mary’s womb. This is the “justice” to which the “righteous man” Joseph gives all his freedom, and it flourishes in his time. He awakes from the dream with the prayer, “Come to rescue us with your mighty power!””

I had not thought of this – that the Presence of Jesus in Mary’s womb affected all those around her. And why not? Elizabeth was changed; John the Baptist was changed; Zechariah was changed. There was even a sweet story of Mary’s journey to Elizabeth, of how she was helped by others along the way.

Does this mean that in the Presence of Jesus a world of possibilities opens up? That we are more likely to choose the good? And why not? Changes happened to me from the Adoration Chapel, although they happened slowly, almost imperceptibly. But then I did not have the righteousness of Joseph or Elizabeth or Zechariah.

And what of a person who receives the Eucharist? There, too, changes occur. Notice the joy of those who receive frequently or even daily. The presence of Jesus near or within is powerful. How could it not be?