An Unexpected Gift – Memories of Mom

This morning I decided to search on the internet for the community of nuns who raised my mom in the Charleston Foundling Home. I found a brochure which described the community’s work through the years since their founding. In the page which described their work with orphans, I found a photo which had my mom in it. The photo was taken in 1940, when mom was still in the orphanage.

Mom at orphanage 1940 copyMom is in the next to the top row second from the left, the young woman with the beautiful smile. She is wearing a white blouse and is taller than either of the young women standing next to her.What a treasure it was to find this photo! I will add it to my family history website on the page devoted to my mom. I didn’t recognize my mom’s sister Perrine or any of her brothers. Mom was the youngest of the siblings sent to the orphanage. Perrine may have already left in 1940.

I thought that I might see a photo of Sister Vincent in this image, the nun whom mom was most attached to, but she is not in the photo. Perhaps Sister Vincent is the one taking the photo.

I had thought to make a donation to the community for their retired members, but I could not find a donation page. After looking at the website, I had to wonder if the Sisters are still faithful to the Magisterium, as some communities of nuns are not. The most recent photos of the Sisters show them in street clothes rather than in habits.

Thank you, Heavenly Father, for giving me this unexpected gift.