The Presentation of Mary in the Temple

A friend of Karen’s, Shawn Chapman, wrote a lovely piece about Mary’s Presentation in the Temple as a child. This is a very old story – that the Blessed Mother was dedicated to God from her birth and that as a small child was presented to the Temple. Here is some of what Shawn wrote”

Presentation of Mary“Every November 21, the reflective Heart of the Church presents to us in the quiet marking of a minor memorial, our own Little Mother in Christ, dancing, it is said, up the Temple steps when she was dedicated by her parents to the Lord. Even the solemn old priests had to smile as they watched her, this girl, who, unknown to them, would one day teach God His prayers.

It doesn’t matter whether this very old story of Mary happened just like this or not. It’s true, anyway. It points us to who Mary is and what she did in her life. In this ancient snap shot we can see our own baby picture of the Christian soul with a child’s pure heart free for God. Mary is our mother. Her life reflects our life and spiritual development as we grow in Christ.”

As I struggled one night trying to sleep after eye surgery, I envisioned myself, as a child of God, running up the steps to God’s home in heaven. I pray that someday it may be so!

There is much more to Shawn’s post. Go here:

Here is more of Shawn’s reflection: “Mary was a child of God par excellence, aware of her littleness, and that all her shining gifts were God’s incomparable graces poured into her. I like to think of Luke 1:48 like this: “He has looked upon me, His handmaid in her littleness; all ages to come shall call me blessed.” She didn’t deny her gifts. As John Paul II said of her, when speaking of the Visitation, “She is amazed at her own glory,” even as she knows well her nothingness, littleness, and complete dependence on God. “The Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is His Name.”

May Shawn be richly blessed for her beautiful words!