Day of Reflection

This morning I will be going to a day of reflection on St. Therese of the Little Flower. I am looking forward to it.

Yesterday I called Judy . one of Karen and my charges in our Scripture Study classes. I have been dreading it all week, but it went well. Judy had brought in some Protestant material which is frowned upon. After explaining to her that Dick Phillips, our director, could shut down the study if we don’t follow his directions, she apologized. I received an email from her this morning saying that she would comply with our requests to use only Catholic source documents. I hope all goes well.

Last night I had a short dream of Lucy Besozzi. She was smiling and laughing and looked young and energetic. I hope this doesn’t mean that she has passed from this life. Lucy had been diagnosed last spring with pancreatic cancer which is almost always fatal. Given Lucy’s age and overall condition, I felt certain that the treatment she received would be palliative only. I saw her once this summer and she looked very frail. God bless you Lucy. You have taught me much.

I had sent a little card to Lucy and she called me over the weekend, having received my card. She sounds tired, as she surely must be. All of the chemotherapy is taking its toll. She says that now she is losing her hair. I am not surprised. She says they are trying a different chemo on her. I know she wants to live but I have to wonder, as I did with aunt Rose, if they have told Lucy that her survival is unlikely. At 91 years of age does Lucy ever think that it is time to let go? I don’t know what I would do if faced with a similar situation. The doctors will not cure Lucy. Only God can do that. I pray that He does.

The talk by Brother Joel was very informative. I really enjoyed it. St. Therese’s words are so comforting. I especially like something that Brother Joel said: “Therese fell in love with God, ran toward Him and never stopped.” There is so much to reflect on. It will take time.