September Flowers

september flowers 2
Lovely purple flowers

This morning I noticed a spray of September flowers cascading over the rocks lining part of the driveway. Some of the vine was even climbing the oak trees and hanging from the branches. There are several kinds of purple flowers blooming in the yard this time of year.

I love the heart shaped leaves and the delicate purple of the flowers. God spreads his wonders where we least expect it. What a joy it was to find it!

I wonder how it was able to grow. The weather has been hot, and there has been very little rain. The plant gets sun in the morning and the very hot sun in the afternoon. I would think that it would wilt from the heat. How is it that the plant is so vigorous. Perhaps its sustenance comes from an unknown source? Maybe God watered it when I wasn’t looking.

purple flowers small

Here are some different purple flowers. These are growing by the back patio, although there are other little clumps of these around. So pretty. This purple looks more blue in the early morning light. God gives us beauty everywhere!