Toad in a Flower Pot

toad in a pot2This evening when I went outdoors to empty the air conditioner “buckets” – those container where we save the water that comes out of the air conditioners, I was met with a surprise. My husband had put a small flower pot in the smallest of the buckets because he noticed toads were getting into it. If the toad is small and the water fills up, the toad cannot get out. There inside the flower pot was a fat and happy toad. He was relaxing in his very own swimming pool, just his little nose sticking above the water.

You can see that the toad – sort of medium sized – is happy because there is a great big smile on his face. I wanted to use the water for one of our potted plants but decided not to disturb this little guy, as he seemed pretty content. When he decides to get out and go hunting, he can scramble around the pot and then use it to propel himself out of the bucket.

God puts so many surprises in our lives – some are good and some not so good. This little toad is one of the good ones – I think I will call him Tommy Toad. Thank you Heavenly Father for gifting me with this little toad today – it gave me a smile.

I am always amazed because it doesn’t matter what the environment – God made something living for it. No matter the temperature or the humidity or the rainfall amount, there are plants and animals designed specifically for those places and all  the places in between. I think God smiles a lot when He looks on what He has created. What a wondrous God we have!

September 12, 2013 There he was again – Tommy Toad as I have called him. When I first saw him this morning he was asleep in the water bucket, his nostrils just out of the water and his eyes closed.  The air conditioner water was slowly dripping on his upturned face. By the time I came back with my camera, he was awake and looking at me, the same smile as yesterday on his face.tommy toad 915

Later that morning the toad had left the water and gone off somewhere to sleep again or maybe even look for breakfast. What a happy little toad!