Greek words for light and pray

From at post at Roman Catholic Spiritual Direction: “there are a lot of Greek words for the one English word “Light.” There’s one for illumination, another for a light-giver, another for the metaphor of light, another for the degree of illumination (brightness), another for enlightenment, another for kindling a fire for light, another for burning, another for a flash of light, another for something that is easy to bear weight-wise, another for carelessness (to make light of something), and so on. Imagine that: one English word  – with all those meanings behind it.”

“There are several Greek words for “Pray,” as well. One means communication with God alone, another means to “ask”, another to “beseech” as in calling to one’s aid”.

No wonder we are so often confused by what we read in the Bible. English doesn’t work well to express all these different meanings.