Letter to the Hebrews

letter to the hebrewsI began my study of the Letter to the Hebrews at the Adoration Chapel yesterday. In reading the introduction to the letter, scholars are not sure if the letter is by Paul or perhaps by one of his disciples. Some scholars believe that letter my have been a homily that was given to instruct the people.

  • Chapter 1 – While God spoke to us through His prophets in ancient times, He has now spoken through His Son
  • Christ reflects God’s glory for He is God
  • Christ has all the radiance and brightness of God (refulgence)
  • The writer may be reflecting on Wisdom in this section, which is a personified idea of God.
  • God sustains all things by His Word.
  • After redeeming the human race, Christ returned to heaven to take His seat at the right hand of God (a very privileged, important position)
  • Christ is greater than the angels