Free Rosary from Society of the Little Flower

St therese

Yesterday in the mail I found a solicitation from the Society of the Little Flower. Inside the envelope was a red plastic rosary and rosary case with my name on it. Seeing the cheap rosary made me angry, well not really angry, but upset. I know they are trying to raise money, but it seems wrong to send out a rosary that is so cheaply made. And then to send a case with my name on it.  How could someone who prays the rosary throw it away? I cannot.

Doesn’t Mary deserve better? Do I sent them money for the rosary with a note asking them to not send me anything else? I did use the rosary today. It seemed necessary, because it is, after all, a rosary.

I wrote to the Society of the Little Flower, asking them to take me from their solicitation list. I said that I would place the rosary in the Adoration Chapel, as I have several which I use.

September 20, 2013

I received another rosary from another organization. I didn’t get upset about it. I just took it to the Adoration Chapel. Someone will use it.