How can my life be a Blessing to the Lord?

Daniel’s canticle continues to be a mystery to me, although I had written about it here some weeks ago. When discussing my reflections on the canticle with a friend, she suggested that I reflect on how my life blesses the Lord.

Black eyed Susan

In the previous reflection on Daniel, I commented that a created object or person blesses the Lord by just being what God created it or him/her to be.  So what has God created me to be?

  • a woman
  • a woman who is a wife
  • a woman who is a mother
  • a woman who is a Catholic Christian
  • a woman who is an American citizen
  • a woman who is a child of my parents
  • a woman who is a sister to my siblings
  • a woman who is a friend to others
  • a woman who cooks, cleans, reads, writes, paints, gardens,walks and grooms the dog
  • a woman who looks at nature and finds beauty
  • a woman who helps others, who prays for others whether those prayers are asked for or not
  • a woman who prays and worships God
  • a woman who questions what she does not understand
  • a woman who likes learning new things
  • a woman who sleeps, dreams and wakes again to bless the day and eventually dies to this life
  • a woman who struggles to keep God’s commandments and make her life a blessing (song of praise) to Him

So if I do what I have been created to do – which are those things and more that I have not thought about – then I bless my Creator with my life? Interesting thought, which I hope is true. But is it enough? With all that God has provided to each of us, can we ever praise and thank Him enough? Is that what eternity is for?

I also wrote the following:  “blessing” in the Catholic Encyclopedia — The word is synonymous with “praise”. It “signifies the sanctification or dedication…  to sacred purpose”. If my life is dedicated to praising God with the work I am called to do, then perhaps I am blessing God. With my morning prayer, I offer the day to God and ask Him to bless the day. Is that dedicating my day to Him?