Throne of Grace

There are times, particularly before or after receiving Communion, that an image comes to me. Are they images that I “made up” or has God put the images there? I don’t know. But some of those visions seem very powerful.

Saturday, as I was processing in the Communion line, I saw an image in my mind of a long line of people going to the Throne of Grace. I knew that is where they were going though I could not see the Throne of Grace. There were clouds everywhere and the people were walking among the clouds, so it must have been my image of heaven. The people were dressed in flowing pale colored robes and the colors around were soft blues and pinks such as one might see in a sunrise. I remember praying that I be allowed to be in that line. Tears came to my eyes, as they often do, during the Communion part of the Mass. I realized then that I was in that line, though not in heaven, and I was approaching the Throne of Grace. I am so fortunate to be allowed to approach the Lord. How is it that I have this blessing? How can I be loved so much by God?

“Let us come boldly, then, before the Throne of Grace,

to meet with mercy,

and win that grace which will help us in our needs.”

Hebrews 4:16