Poem – I Am Just A Simple Man


I am just a simple man

     – a fisherman by trade.

As evening comes I take my nets

And row my boat to sea.

Every night my simple prayer:

“God grant a gentle wind,

 –calm sea and fish to fill my nets”.

I am just a simple man.

“Come and see”  Andrew says to me,

“The Messiah, he’s been found!”

My brother Andrew

    – a dreamer through and through.

There are nets to mend

And fish to sell

And a boat to keep afloat

    – Sometimes he’s not much help to me.

I am just a simple man.

In anger I reply to him:

“Show me a Messiah

Who fills my nets

Or calms the sea,

Then, I will “come and see”.

I am just a simple man.

This Messiah stands before me now

With eyes that see my soul,

And words that fill my nets with fish

And power that calms the sea.

“Depart from me, my Lord and God,

For I am just a simple man.

–Franciene McDonald