Baby Chicks

baby chick with motherOne of our older hens, Miss Chicken, started sitting on eggs a few weeks ago. When she could not be discouraged, my husband bought three day-old chicks to replace the eggs she was sitting on. We have done this before with other chickens. It didn’t work this time. We anticipated that Miss Chicken would snuggle the little chicks under her feathers, just as she is supposed to do.

Perhaps Miss Chicken is smarter than most hens, in that she recognized that the chicks weren’t hers, or she doesn’t have the “mothering” instinct that her “sitting” suggested that she had. So we are raising the chicks motherless – not the perfect way to raise children or chickens.

One of the chicks seems to be less healthy than the other two. The little chick sleeps most of the time, although she must be eating and drinking some, for she is still alive. I have named the chicks – Eenie, Meenie, and Mynni. Eenie is the weak one, the one who is struggling so valiantly.

Heavenly Father, I have a small request of You.

I know that You can do everything, if it is Your Will.sick chick

You create all that is and keep it in existence.

You love all that You have created.

I pray for little Eenie, a baby chick, who has touched my heart.

She is so small, Lord, and she looks so lost and alone in her pain.

Let her be like her sisters — full of vigor, cheeping with joy and eager for life.

Give her health and strength and a will to live.

I ask this in the Name of your Son, Jesus, the Lord. Amen.

Today little Eenie died. I know that our Heavenly Father loved this little chick, as He does all His creation. I will miss little Eenie, but she was suffering. Now her suffering is over. Perhaps there is a heaven for little chicks where they will grow up to become big chickens. I hope so.