The Joyful Mysteries of the Rosary

One of the things which seem apparent when praying the Joyful Mysteries on the Rosary is how many “little people” were told about the coming of the Messiah. Except for the Magi, who were astrologers/intellectuals, those religious dignitaries, who should have known, did not. Only Herod among the “elite”, when he found out about the birth of the infant king, attempted to kill him. Mary, Elizabeth and Zechariah and John the Baptist, as he grew, the shepherds, Simeon and Anna and anyone with whom they communicated were told by angels, the Holy Spirit or one of God’s chosen ones who participated in the event.

There is some comparison to today. Those who believe in Jesus are often not among the “elite”. Believers are considered stupid, ignorant or “clinging to their guns and religion” because they have no power of their own. Why else, the elites say, would anyone believe?