Letter to Jesus April 12,2013


I have looked forward to this time together. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to spend this hour with you.

You know how troubled I have been about two of my friends – who should remain nameless right now. I am hurt by what my friend and her husband think, their political ideas, their attitude toward abortion – what must they think of us and people like us -” people who cling to their guns and religion.” I am confused and sad for I do not know how they came to this, nor do I think that they will change.

I am concerned about the persecution of those who believe in You – all over this world. It is here, too, in my own country – little by little it creeps in, nasty things are said about Christians, laws passed which make our beliefs unlawful or hateful, then repression will come. I know that You said to Your Apostles to expect it, that they hated You, they will hate us too. But Lord, I am so little and not so brave. (Cling to me)

Thank you for helping me think about the Apostles and John the Baptist yesterday. It made sense to me how these men came to love you so much. While we are not sitting around a campfire together, our time together is similar to what the Apostles enjoyed. And I am growing to love you more.

Thank you for all the people You have placed in my life – You have been so good to me. Thank you especially today for Karen, my partner at WCSS – she is so full of joy.

And my family – my husband, a good and generous man, my daughter such a giving and loving person – bring them closer to you please Lord.

I find myself pulling away from the world, thinking it cannot be fixed. Only if people return to You will things – economic, safety, liberty – get better. There is so much evil in our government – who can stand against it? We need Your help!