My reasons for starting this blog


Why do I write this blog?

Life is a mystery, and I want to explore the mystery. I can do that best by writing about the mystery. I love mystery stories. I love thinking about them, trying to unravel them before the author of the book does it for me. My life is one mystery whose final chapter I cannot see, nor can I guess what the final end will be. The Author of the book of my life is beyond my comprehension. He writes sometimes with invisible ink, allowing me to guess what He has written; sometimes to ponder on what He has revealed in the pages. I know that all that He writes is for my ultimate good – spending eternity with Him. Only He knows the whole story – what that final chapter will be, whether there will be a happy ending, for He sees it all. I am praying for and working for that happy ending.

Writing here enables me to reflect on the pieces of the mystery which I can see..

  • How do I respond to the things which happen to me, and the things which I freely do?
  • Are there forces that seek my destruction and can I see them at work or even avoid them?
  • How do I understand what happens to me, seeing the good in the experiences?
  • What do I think about what I read online or in magazines and newspapers?
  • How do I grow closer to my Creator? How do I become the person He has created me to be?
  • Can these experiences lead me to see Him in the events of my life?
  • Can I look back on the my life and see the tapestry that He is weaving?
  • Is this what is known as meditation?

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